Thomas Duryea Consulting Receives Networking Datacentre and Virtualization Specialization from Citrix!

Thomas Duryea Consulting has announced that it has achieved the Citrix Networking for Datacentre and Virtualization Specialization. Citrix Specializations are designed to recommend partners with demonstrated technical competency and end-to-end service delivery of mobile workspace solutions to customers.

To achieve a Specialization, a Citrix Solution Advisor must demonstrate deep, hands-on experience and customer success through completing rigorous requirements. Citrix Specialists hold certifications in leading edge training, have passed a practicum exam, and have validation of their work through documented, successful customer implementations. Specializations represent stronger customer value and satisfaction derived from highly qualified partners best prepared to handle multiple aspects of complex, technical projects and deliver holistic solutions supplied by a single organization.

With a Citrix Specialization in Networking for Datacentre and Virtualization, Thomas Duryea Consulting has demonstrated the skills and ability needed to successfully plan, design, implement, manage and support holistic mobile workspace and networking solutions that meet customers’ needs.

“Thomas Duryea’s strategic direction in providing customers with the most advanced, industry best technology has come into fruition. This honourable level of Citrix Specialist certification demonstrates Thomas Duryea’s extensive capability in deploying Citrix technologies – end to end”, explained Damian Zammit, Thomas Duryea Consulting, National Practice Manager – Mobility and Collaboration.

“Leveraging industry best solutions, coupled with the collective expertise of deep technical skills help drive our strategic focus which has positioned Thomas Duryea as the Citrix best-in-class, number one partner in Australia for 6 years.”

Citrix concluded, “As one of Citrix’s largest Platinum partners in Australia, it’s great to see Thomas Duryea achieve Specialist status so that customers can quickly identify their company as a trusted and proven expert in the virtualisation space. This recognition helps differentiate Thomas Duryea in an increasingly crowded market due to the assurances it provides, and we’re excited to see the positive impact it has internally and on customers working with one of our trusted partners.”

For more information about Thomas Duryea’s Citrix capabilities, please contact Damian Zammit,