St Vinnies CEO Sleepout 2013

# St Vinnies CEO Sleepout 2013

Last night was the fourth time I’ve ‘slept rough’ to raise money and awareness for the homeless in Australia. Every year I’m reminded of how privileged I am to have such a great support network of friends and family.

Every night in Australia (the lucky country) over 100,000 people still sleep without a permanent roof over their head. These people come from all walks of life; many of them are women, and worse still many of them are children.

The problem isn’t an easy one to fix – but the Vinnies Sleepout has now become one of the largest charity events in Australia, and is taking a huge step in the right direction. The Sleepout obviously aims to raise money. But equally importantly it raises awareness of the need for better temporary housing, affordable housing programs, stronger mental health and outreach programs, as well as the desperate need for cohesive alignment between state and federal funding initiatives (for the long term not the political party term).

Sincere thanks to so many of you for supporting the cause via my fundraising page. But more importantly – thanks for taking notice – spare a thought and a smile next time you wander past someone less fortunate.

*Andrew Thomas
CEO Thomas Duryea Consulting*