October / November 2010

##### Hello and welcome to the October / November edition of TD News!

*“Moving forward”…” New”…” Innovation”… “What’s next?”… “Evolve”…”Reengineer”. “Optimise”… These are all terms that are regularly bantered around the TD offices as we discuss bigger, better and more efficient ways of delivering solutions to customers. However, the last month has seen a particular spike in such terms at TD.

Certainly innovation and investing in developments is a continuous conversation at TD, but during October and November the focus has particularly been on these areas. During these last two months, we have had internal workshops, discussed market needs, recalled conversations we have had with customers about technological adoption and infrastructure challenges. We have also reviewed the market at large for the newest best practice solutions available through our partnering vendors. The enhanced focus came to fruition at vForum in Sydney last week when we officially launched an APAC first with our new private cloud offering, Cloudium. See the Cloudium update within the newsletter for some more information on this offering. The focus also resulted in us reinvigorating our existing services in line with what we believe is the journey organisations should take across all areas of IT; from keyboard to cloud.

More details available on our new website.

This evolution of our offerings is an exciting time for us at TD and we encourage all customers to discuss with their TD representative how we can help you on your data centre, data management, systems management, cloud or enterprise information systems journey.*

Andrew Thomas, CEO, Thomas Duryea Consulting

[divider_top] ###### Thomas Duryea recognised as Enterprise Partner by Symantec

This month, Thomas Duryea Consulting was recognised as the Symantec Enterprise Value Partner at the Symantec Executive Channel Dinner. The award acts to cement Thomas Duryea Consulting’s heavy investment in the Symantec partnership and recognise the enormous growth that the company has realised. In the last year TD achieved platinum partner status, won the Symantec growth partner of the year due to having a growth rate of 3000%. With the ability to support Symantec tools such as Netbackup, Backup Exec, Enterprise Vault, Altiris, End Point Protection,, Message Labs, CMS, Workflow, Service Desk and Data Loss Prevention to the Melbourne and Sydney markets, TD is one of the few vendors that can deploy the Symantec suite end to end.

[divider_top] ###### Thomas Duryea launches APAC first with Cloudium

Last week TD announced the launch of a private cloud offering, Cloudium, believed to be the first of its kind delivered to the APAC region, on stage at the vForum Conference at the Sydney Convention Centre. Cloudium is set to revolutionise how IT professionals manage their infrastructure as it removes the financial, managerial and operational barriers organisations face when moving to a cloud style infrastructure.

Being VCE compliant and delivered ‘on demand’, Cloudium has everything an organisation should expect from a cloud solution.The similarities between existing cloud offerings on the market and the Thomas Duryea Consulting Cloudium stop there though, explained Andrew Thomas, CEO.

At TD we have been observing, researching, discussing the cloud phenomenon for some time. A key theme that we observed was that customers are not yet being provided with true infrastructure solutions that deliver choice, flexibility, security and control over their IT environment. This was not in line with our customer centric, solution led approach. Cloudium has been designed to provide more security and control, making the cloud more relevant for organisations today.

Being private by design, Cloudium is a service provided on each customer’s site, minimising customer concerns relating to control and location of data that is commonly associated with a multi-tenanted shared virtual infrastructure solution.

To minimise financial constraints, Cloudium is delivered with no upfront costs, within a flexible cost model, allowing customers to add compute, storage or virtualisation capacity at any time.

To further minimise financial obligations and eradicate the challenge of being locked into existing investments, the Cloudium solution incorporates a a buy-back program for old hardware and an optional ‘BYO’ approach to licensing. For more information on Cloudium, please contact the TD team or visit our website.

[divider_top] ###### Two acclaims for Thomas Duryea in one night

Thomas Duryea Consulting was last week publicly recognised for business growth and excellence within the IT industry in two separate awards ceremonies in Sydney; BRW Fast 100 and CRN Fast 50.

Thomas Duryea Consulting was acknowledged as the 21st fastest growing Australian business with up to 200 staff in the 2010 BRW Fast 100 Awards and 29th on the CRN Fast 50 IT resellers list in Sydney.

Over the last 20 years only 3% of entrants into the BRW Fast 100 have been included in the list in 4 consecutive years, providing further evidence that the company’s growth is largely unprecedented.

Thomas Duryea Consulting had previously been placed 7th (2009), 6th (2008) and 18th (2007) on the BRW Fast 100 list.

[divider_top] ###### Wishing TD CEO, Andrew Thomas good luck for upcoming business award

After winning the ‘Young’ Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Southern region, TD’s very own CEO, Andrew Thomas, will compete for the National prize of Ernst and Young, 2010 Young Australian Entrepreneur of the Year. Join us in wishing Andrew the best for the evening.

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