August / September 2010

##### Hello and welcome to the first Thomas Duryea Consulting newsletter!

*“From keyboard to cloud, the IT market is rapidly evolving. What an exciting space we live in! With many new and innovative technologies appearing as well as new ways of deploying and thinking about enabling your workforce, IT today has such an amazing opportunity to make a significant business impact. I find myself often thinking where will IT be in 10 and 20 years’ time? What will enterprise IT roadmaps look like? We may all have our thoughts on what is hot and what is not, but one thing remains; that unless you are aware of the emerging options, enterprises risk falling behind and loosing competitive advantage. One may say it is better to be aware and choose not to go down a route, rather than be unaware and miss a great opportunity.

It is due to the rapidly evolving nature of the IT world that the TD team has decided that we will be providing you with some rich opportunities to discuss the future of IT over the next few months. We are excited to open this dialogue with the market at large and discuss some of the most contested topics; to cloud or not to cloud? To outsource or not to outsource?

This bimonthly newsletter series will serve as a source of thought leadership with a regular article focusing on a particular area of IT as well as provide you with a rich source of TD news and upcoming events. We hope you enjoy the newsletter and encourage you to send your ideas for topics to”*

Andrew Thomas, CEO, Thomas Duryea Consulting

[divider_top] ###### TD Celebrates 10 Years of Business

Last month the TD team celebrated 10 years of business. What an amazing journey it has been, having grown from having a handful of staff to now over 100 employees, offices in Melbourne and Sydney and a revenue of $50 million.

[divider_top] ###### More Innovation and Automation from TD

Last week Enterprise Information Systems Practice Manager, Rhys Evans, announced the release of the proprietary 5th version of the Managed Operating Environment (MOE) in his presentation at the MAV Local Government Technology Summit (LGTS) at the Sofitel in Melbourne.

The Thomas Duryea (TD) MOE framework, initially built ten years ago, is set to further revolutionise the market, providing the ability for clients to streamline their desktop deployment and management by simplifying the build and development process. Evans noted at the event that the move to new operating systems, such as Windows 7, Citrix and VDI, is significantly easier for corporations now with the release of version 5 of the one of a kind tool.

The TD MOE has removed many of the headaches typically experienced by corporations when wanting to move to a new operating system or get new users on desk.

At TD we see a great opportunity for businesses to migrate to Windows 7, with a series of simple steps that when followed ensure that the migration is seamless and allows users to get the best experience from their desktop whilst saving considerable time and money for the business. By automating common and introducing an administrative framework, the TD MOE has realised enormous success for our clients by cutting time to deployment of new systems from 2 weeks to less than half an hour.

The TD MOE Version 5 is a cost and time effective solution to support the automation of these services and reduce the heavy administrative burden for IT departments. The TD MOE has been tested on a dozen clients over the last 6 months and is now available to the broader market.

[divider_top] ###### Wishing TD CEO, Andrew Thomas Good luck For Upcoming Business Award

TD’s very own CEO, Andrew Thomas, has been nominated for the 2010 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Southern Region. The winners for the Southern Region will be announced on August 26th at a gala evening. Join us in wishing Andrew the best for the evening.

###### Leadership Changes

Thomas Duryea Consulting recently announced a newly appointed leadership team to be located within the Melbourne head office. The decision to appoint a new team to report directly to CEO, Andrew Thomas, is part of the company’s strategic growth initiative to build Thomas Duryea nationally to a revenue base of A$100 million within the next 3 years. Key appointments include:

– Erez Grushka – National Sales Manager
– Micah Smith – Director of Services
– Michelle Vassos – Head of People and Culture
– Rachel Dobney – National Marketing Manager
– Mary Karolyi – Head of Finance and Administration