Microsoft Management Summit 2012 – Final Update

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Hello from the MMS 2012 in Las Vegas!

As the Microsoft Management Summit for 2012 draws to a close I thought I’d share some of the features of the now rebranded ‘Windows Server 2012′ (previously Windows Server 8). Windows Server 2012 will be released this year with Microsoft serious about Virtualisation and Private Cloud. There are some impressive new features in the next release that is going to grab a lot of attention. I will leave you with a list of dot point features that will be part of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. You can download the Hyper-V Beta component architecture guide [here](

Clusters now support up to:

– 32 nodes
– 4000 VMs
– Multi-tenancy
– 160 processors per host
– 2TB memory per host
– 32 virtual processors per virtual machine
– 1TB RAM per virtual machine


– Hyper-V Replica can be used for site-to-site replication of virtual machines; it is disaster recovery solution and not a high availability solution
– Hyper-V supports out-of-the-box NIC teaming (LBFO); NICs can be vendor independent
– Live Migrate 60-70 machines at same time utilizing 20Gbps connection Sharing SMB storage for VMs (performance is similar to iSCSI)
– Live snapshot merging; no longer a need to shut down virtual machine for snapshot files to merge
– Data de-duplication support for virtual machines
– No longer a need to export a virtual machine; you can now import a virtual machine without an export configuration file (about time)
– Consistent device naming allows to have hardware vendor tag the NIC so that physical port lines up with the port reported by the OS (cool)

Introduction of Hyper-V vSwitch can be read [here](

Thanks for your time and we hope to catch up with you in the future regarding the great things that System Center can provide for you and your business.

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Jarrod Vassallo, Solution Architect and;

Sam Lewis, Senior Consulting Engineer