Microsoft Build

This morning, Microsoft held the keynote for their Build Conference in San Francisco and they had quite a lot to show off.

. NET is now multiplatform

Late last year, Microsoft announced that their .NET language would be going open source, and then promptly posted all the code onto GitHub ( Since then, Microsoft have been working on making more and more components of their .NET project open source.

This morning they announced .NET Core support for both Mac OSX and Linux, this essentially paves the way for .NET based applications with full support on both Mac and Linux environments. Moving forward, developers will be able to easily code applications for any platform users that choose to bring into the environment.

Android Apps on the Desktop

With an updated version of Visual Studio, Microsoft have announced they will support iOS and Android Application development within their tools, and allow for code reuse in Windows Applications. As developers build out their apps, they now have many options for code reuse – this will cut down the time to port applications to other platforms and allow for features to come to all platforms faster, rather than the current delay some apps face.


Microsoft annouced a new feature coming to Windows Phone 10 – when you plug your phone into an external display of any size, you will be presented with a desktop like experience where apps that support Continuum will resize to fit the display.

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