Leave Your Users To Their Own Devices

***Dan Wimpress, Solution Architect, Thomas Duryea***

There has been much talk recently concerning the concepts of the “consumerisation” of IT and the increasingly popular BYOC (Bring your own computer). My recent trip to San Francisco for Citrix Synergy has certainly brought clarity in my mind as to the validity and reality of these concepts and has helped me to draw the conclusion that now is the time to act – before the inmates start to take over Alcatraz!

As IT departments are moving faster towards cloud thinking and delivering elastic scale to their organisations there is new pressure from users to be more agile and flexible when it comes to working arrangements and the devices they want to use.

More and more staff are wanting the flexibility to allow use of their Apple MacBooks, iPads, Android tablets or home PC’s while working on corporate applications and data. Citrix are hanging their hat squarely on being the only real vendor with the ability to deliver this whilst maintaining a great user experience and best of breed security in the data centre. Advances in the primary Citrix client, known as “Receiver”, bring yet more versatility with new abilities to deliver a full high-definition user experience on a Mac, application access directly from the ChromeOS browser and integration with cloud storage services such as Dropbox.

Synergy also heralded the acquisition of Kaviza, delivering simple all-in-one VDI for small and medium enterprises. This product takes away the complexity of enterprise desktop virtualisation whilst maintaining the HDX user experience Citrix pride themselves on.

Great leaps have also been taken in the further development of NetScaler and Branch Repeater as Citrix continue to build on their networking strategy with new releases and editions expected this quarter.

This year’s Citrix Synergy proved to be a very inspiring and impressive event, showcasing not only their strength of vision but also the quality of their delivery. The big question that I’ve been left with is whether enterprise IT can keep up with increasing consumer capability. So will you continue to fight it, or are you ready to embrace consumer devices on your corporate network? Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life!

Bring it on.

Thomas Duryea Consulting in conjunction with Citrix will be hosting a luncheon ‘The i-Volution of IT: Embracing employee devices’ this August. To register your interest in this luncheon please fill in your details [here.](mailto:info@td.com.au?subject=Registering interest: The i-Volution of IT event)

For more information on how Citrix technology is meeting the demand for personal and non-traditional devices at work – visit [http://web.citrix.com/Dilbert/index.html](http://web.citrix.com/Dilbert/index.html)

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