Hackers, Docker and vCloud Air

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**Docker & Containers**

App Containers have existed for years in different ways, however an application called Docker has really accelerated the development and usage of containers as something usable day to day. The idea behind these app containers is that your application, its supporting files and folders, networking and security data is all wrapped up into a specific package that will work the exact same way on many platforms (anything that supports Docker) – however, up until recently it’s been only for developers and primary focused towards Linux only.

**AWS announces EC2 Container Service – AWS Blog**

Last week AWS announced their EC2 Container Service is live, allowing customers better orchestration of containers in the AWS Cloud – allowing for creation of clusters, load balancing groups and custom tasks. If you are building or deploying a new application, you should seriously review using Docker/ECS as a way to streamline development/test/production environments.

**Microsoft announces Hyper-V Containers and Nano Server – Azure Blog**

Last week Microsoft announced two new products with the first being Hyper-V containers. Microsoft now has support for Docker containers running on a Hyper-V or Azure environment, in fact Microsoft have begun injecting Docker support into all their Linux marketplace listings, in order to provide platform wide support.

Another big announcement is the development and planned release of Nano Server. Server Core used to be the most minimum footprint you could run for a Windows Server (GUI-less server) however, now with Nano Server the footprint is even smaller, it’s a deeply refactored version of Windows Server optimised for Cloud workloads – it’s designed for much smaller patches and a much lower resource footprint.

**vCloud Air launches in Australia**

In early April, VMware’s Cloud offering launched in Australia, starting with IaaS and DRaaS as their primary offerings. VMware are hoping to capture market share away from AWS and Azure, currently the offering is:

  • Single Australian data centre site
  • Provides network connectivity through VPN or direct connection
  • PO/Invoice based billing, with credit card support on the horizon
  • Planned integration with Google Compute
  • TD has developed and operated our own Private Local Cloud for over two years. We have built our own offerings that we believe meet customers continuing needs, including:

  • Two data centre locations in Victoria
  • Network peering with multiple partners
  • Integration with Azure and AWS for Public Cloud support
  • Industry leading DRaaS
  • Fast & simple on boarding
  • Variable contract length
  • Speak to Thomas Duryea today about a Cloud demonstration.

    **French TV station hacked by showing passwords on Live TV. How secure is your information?**

    Recently a French TV station was hacked, allegedly due to a staff member posting a picture on Twitter and in the background, username/password combinations were on display – YouTube credentials, network accounts, router details and Wi-Fi passwords were exposed by Post-it notes sitting on a desk. Every business grapples with how best to secure their environment between password, Wi-Fi, edge devices and everything in between. One thing is common, if you consider yourself secure by using a firewall and AntiVirus then you really need to think again.

    The majority of today’s breaches start with end users’ desktops, due to the mobile nature of today’s workforce, a large amount of time is spent outside the corporate network, at Cafés, at home and on untrusted network locations. If your AntiVirus is using outdated signature based scanning then you are highly vulnerable to an attack. Today’s updated security posture needs to take into account that users are always the primary target – device encryption, new Cloud based scanning engines and real time threat detection all make up the way of securing your environment.

    Along with the normal security challenges, a new platform, the Cloud, is driving business to change the way it thinks about its data and related security. Every business is using some form of Cloud technology, SaaS, IaaS or PaaS. The leading businesses have strategies on how to effectively use and secure these new apps and platforms.

    Thomas Duryea is a leading Cloud security provider, partnering with companies like Trend Micro and Palo Alto – along with Cloud providers such as AWS and Azure. Speak to Thomas Duryea today about the best security posture to adopt for your business.

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