EMC World 2011 Review

***Michael Reynolds, Senior System Engineer, TD***

I’ve just returned from the fabulous Las Vegas where this year’s EMC World conference was held. All I can think of to summarise this entire experience is WOW!

EMC World 2011 was the biggest EMC World ever, with over 10,000 attendees and more than 100 exhibitors and sponsors. Keynote sessions and technical breakouts were jam packed as was the exhibitor hall, as EMC’s partners and suppliers vied for the attention of the storage industry’s largest customer base.

Here are some of the biggest talking points of the event…

– Project Lightning – more of a direction rather than a product, Project Lightning seamlessly extends the SAN into the server, and the server’s local storage into the SAN by using SSD technology. This effectively offsets IOPs to the server level rather than the storage system which provides storage performance benefits.
– GreenPlum – in a nutshell, this technology is based on an open-source database and has massively parallel processing that can perform advanced queries on massive datasets in seconds. This allows EMC to be the major player in the growing market of ‘big data’ analytics which depends on billions of facts and hundreds of terabytes (more often petabytes) of data.
– Isilon – can be summed up as extremely scalable ‘big data’ NAS. Once again, by ‘big data’ we’re talking 10 petabytes of data or more, 100s of Gigabits of throughput and 100s of nodes that delivers extreme performance. Isilon differs from traditional unified storage systems in that nodes can simply be added as needed and the metadata, caching, and back-end IO will automatically be re-distributed across all nodes.
– VNX – the awesome VNX and VNXe unified storage systems are now bigger, faster and stronger. That means 2x the bandwidth, 2x the spindle count and 2x the capacity. Enough said!

With all the new product launches and technology directions unveiled at EMC World 2011 all I can say is that exciting times lie ahead for EMC customers and partners. I’m glad to be a part of it.

Thomas Duryea is an EMC Signature Partner and have been recognised as the 2010 EMC Top Achiever for Victoria & Tasmania as well as the 2010 EMC Specialist Partner of the Year for Unified Storage. As one of few Australian Signature partners, Thomas Duryea has years of experience and is well equipped to support your EMC and Data Management requirements.

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