Citrix Synergy 2012, Barcelona – Major announcements

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Citrix Synergy, Barcelona; October 17th – 19th : At  the European Citrix Synergy event Mark Templeton (President and CEO, Citrix Systems) hit the stage with new announcements, projects and ideas which I want to share with you.

## Project Excalibur

Excalibur, for me, was the biggest announcement during the Citrix Synergy keynote and the main reason I’m excited is that it merges XenApp and XenDesktop into a single management console forming a Unified Service Delivery model. It also merges the 22 consoles that are currently used into one and integrates Citrix Profile Manager, StoreFront and EdgeSight natively. The old XenApp backend of IMA has been scrapped and replaced by the FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) which is currently used in XenDesktop. This allows XenApp servers to be provisioned by a few clicks the same way the Windows 7 VMs are done today inside XenDesktop.

The second key component of the Excalibur release is about enhancing HDX for Mobile and Video. These enhancements include new upgrades to the HDX stack by utilising the new ‘supercodec’ (H.264). Excalibur also features improvements to HDX Adaptive technology for mobile devices, sensing the device type, processor, GPU, form factor and network connection, and applying the best delivery technology to ensure a brilliant experience at the lowest bandwidth possible.

Project Excalibur will support Windows Server 2012 and 2008 R2, as well as Windows 8, 7 and XP. The Tech Preview is being launched on November 1 and I would estimate that a release date will be around the middle of next year.

## @WorkMail and @WorkWeb

The second big announcement at Citrix Synergy was the @WorkMail and @WorkWeb native mobile applications which will support all mobile platforms currently out there. @WorkMail is an encrypted sandboxed application for email, calendar, and contact client for the Citrix mobile environment, keeping personal apps from accessing email, contacts, and attachments. IT can manage the app without having to manage the entire device and @WorkMail can also communicate with other IT specified applications like ShareFile and Receiver.

The other new app, @WorkWeb, is a sandboxed secure mobile browser. It uses a micro VPN and allows for secure browsing through the corporate network allowing access to internal resources such as SharePoint. Since it uses a new micro VPN technology only the @WorkWeb application can gain browsing access into the corporate network and once the application is closed the VPN is disconnected.

## ShareFile StorageZones

ShareFile with On-Premise StorageZones was officially released at Citrix Synergy. ShareFile is the enterprise grade of ‘DropBox’ and with the release of On-Premise StorageZones it allows organisations to have n experience similar to DropBox, however all data is stored locally on the customer’s site. The new version of ShareFile also brings a new feature that allows a file to be streamed when accessed instead of downloading all the files and folders, which now allows it to be easily integrated into virtual desktop environments.

## XenClient Support for Windows 8 and Ultrabooks

Also at Citrix Synergy Citrix XenClient Enterprise 4.5 was announced which allows customers who are licensed for XenDesktop to download and install XenClient inside their environment. This new release allows support for Windows 8 and Ultrabooks giving enterprises the flexibility to deliver secure virtual desktops to all users, even mobile workers who are often disconnected from the corporate network. With the acquisition of VirtualComputing, XenClient offers a complete centralised management solution which allows IT to manage all XenClient desktops with ease.

## GoToMeeting with Presentation Mode on iPad

The last big take away from the Citrix Synergy event was the ability to present and host GoToMeeting sessions from an iPad. It allows the on-the-road warrior to have high definition face-to-face chats with the ability to present content from cloud based storage providers such as ShareFile and DropBox. It also features a unique whiteboard experience that allows the presenter to highlight and draw on the presentation with his finger.

After the keynote is was very clear that Citrix will be focusing on application delivery and mobility for the enterprise. With new Citrix native mobile applications and an optimised HDX protocol for mobile devices we can see that Citrix are bracing themselves for the continued mobility and BYOD boom.

*Damian Zammit is a Solution Architect in Enterprise Information Systems at Thomas Duryea Consulting and a Citrix MVP. *

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