Citrix Summit 2015


In January, Citrix held their annual partner summit in Las Vegas. During the two day event, several key announcements encompassing new products, new features and acquisitions were made.

Some of these key announcements include:


• Framehawk technology to be merged into HDX – the Citrix Framehawk technology will be merged into the HDX ICA protocol in the next few months. This will provide a great user experience (UX) over mobile networks that typically suffer from packet loss and high latency. During the conference the UX was demonstrated when packet loss reached 50% and page scrolling was observed to be still quite useable.

• XenMobile 10 – includes a move to a simpler architecture that unifies the mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) components into a single virtual appliance. This will simplify and decrease the deployment time for XenMobile. Also to note, is the integration between WorxNotes and Exchange enabling syncing of Outlook Notes on desktops with WorxNotes on mobile devices. This feature allows any end user to keep all notes in one place for secure storage and retrieval from any desktop or mobile device.

• XenServer 6.5 – new 64 bit kernel architecture, can allow 50% more users per vGPU.

• XenDesktop/XenApp – in the next release scheduled for Q2 2015, session recording will come back into the product allowing a user’s session to be recorded for auditing reasons. A Lync 2013 optimisation pack will also be released. Additional VDA will be released for Linux allowing Linux apps and desktops to be published.

• Receiver X1 – a new version of the Receiver client will be released, that allows greater customisation of graphics and branding. This customisation will extend across all devices rather than just Windows based Web clients.

• ShareFile Restricted Zones – a more secure file sharing option for customers that have higher security requirements (Metadata encryption key ownership, governed sync and sharing and network access restrictions).


• Receiver X1 Mouse – a prototype mouse that works on iPads within the Receiver client and hence a published desktop. This will provide users with a more Windows like experience on an iOS mobile device.

• WorkSpace Cloud – in development is a cloud based XenDesktop broker infrastructure control plane.


• SANBOLIC – technology that virtualises disparate SAN technology enabling the creation of a virtual SAN. Where this will be of great benefit, is a more robust alternative for DFS that can be used for file sharing, user profile shares and Citrix Provisioning Services vDisks.

• Octoblu – technology that is about making API’s, platforms and devices talk to each other. An example that was discussed was of a user walking into a room and a GoToMeeting session was automatically started. This combines several technologies including Outlook calendar, GoToMeeting and Conferencing phone hardware. This acquisition has great potential for automation in the Internet of Things era.
Citrix highlighted their development commitment and focus for their products to be around the user experience (UX). In 2015, expect to see continued improvements in this area across all their user facing products.

As these releases are now available, we look forward to passing on these benefits to all Mobility and Collaboration clients. Should you wish to learn more about these extended offerings, please [contact us here](